“Kristy is the Project Manager of my health!!! Wish I’d started seeing her years ago. Her guidance and support have got me through this past year and I can see I am on the path to my best health ever with her support.

I had a list of symptoms that I stumbled upon after I started seeing Kristy and was pleasantly surprised to cross 2/3rds of them off!! Gentle, natural healing with personal support and peace of mind.

Thank you Kristy:)”



“My favourite “doctor” Kristy you are amazing!!!”



“I can not thank Kristy at Everlasting Health enough for her help with my toddler. I had seen doctor after doctor an with my girl being chubby they ALL said to me there was nothing wrong with her. She wouldn’t sleep, had funny poos: either constipation or diarrhoea with white lumps, always had a bloated belly, avoided eating and drinking and screamed in pain. The first time I saw Kristy I cried! I just hoped she could help and she was fantastic. Assured me her weight was fine, and gave me a meal plan to test on her. It worked and we now have answers after no one else would listen. She is such a happy girl now, smiles more, her skin colour is clearer and she sleeps and eats and isn’t bloated! Best choice I made seeing Kristy around 4 months ago, have not looked back since 🙂

Thanks for your help!!”

Stacey, mother of 18mths old toddler


“The combination of the last two items you gave me are working very well. Since seeing you last only up once a night now and daytime is also much better. Thanks Kristy”.



“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I met with Kristy, as I had never met with a Naturopath before.

I found she listened to me without judging and gave me ideas to try. Best of all Kristy was able to help me with my health concerns and I feel better now than I have in a long time.”


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