Hi, I’m Kristy

I first became interested in natural medicines when my Nan introduced me to herbs when I must have been 8 or 9 years old…..many many moons ago! My beautiful Nan (Norma Hollis), drew me into the world of herbs with their beautiful smells, tastes & therapeutic abilities. Unfortunately this year she passed away at 94yrs young – I hope to honour her memory & love of nature with all that I do. I continued to dabble for many years, whilst I pursued a career in science. Then I realised I must do what it is I love to do – so I went back to college to become a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist & Holistic Counsellor/Flower Essence Therapist. Hence, I use evidence based complementary medicine to help heal you – body, mind & spirit.

I work alongside you, using various modalities to suit the individual. I believe nutrition & lifestyle are the basis of many health issues. Balance is the key.

Luckily we can change these, especially with a guiding hand. I see our relationship is a partnership – YOU need to be prepared to take on some dietary & lifestyle changes to assist the best outcome for your health. Herbal & nutritional supplements may also  be needed to support the body during this time.

I have been on my own health journey whilst in m final year of study….suffering adrenal fatigue & hormonal imbalance – I reached out to an experienced Naturopath who did some testing & I got my personal blend of herbal medicine, plus some nutrients & guidance towards food & lifestyle choices to get me back on track. So if you’re stressed or struggling with hormone imbalance – I know how to support you as an individual…on many levels.

I completed my thesis on ADD/ADHD & Flower Essences, & hence have a special interest in children’s behavioural problems.  Here, as always, I use a holistic combination of herbs, nutrition, lifestyle & flower essences to support the individual. There are many more health & emotional issues which I can help you heal including stress, fatigue, fertility & hormone balancing – naturally.

I love to study…& am forever updating my knowledge with courses & researching the latest knowledge in health. I can work alongside your GP with your orthodox medications as required.

So….if you’re looking for everlasting health….phone now for an appointment to start on a new path of health.

Phone: 0411 378 997

Email: [email protected]

Everlasting Health ® the natural choice for you and your family.

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Kristy Hollis

CMA President & member, NHAA member

  • Diploma in Natural Medicine, 2003
  • Diploma in Herbal Medicine, 2002
  • Advanced Diploma in Holistic Counselling, 2004
  • Certificate in Reflexology, 2006 
  • Certificate in Animal Nutrition, 2015
  • Certificate in Animal Energy Healing, 2016
  • Associate Diploma in Applied Science, 1994