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Locally Blended in Darwin NT


“Take time to pause & embrace the ritual of herbal tea drinking. Smell, taste, feel with every sip… towards Everlasting Health.”
Kristy Hollis – Herbalist & Naturopath

I BELIEVE THAT NATURE PROVIDES THE ANSWERS TO RE-BALANCE OUR BODY, MIND & SOUL. We can do this through the use of simply healthy wholefoods, our lifestyle choices, herbs, flower essences, reflexology & nutritional supplements where needed. 

I use Iridology & take pictures of your iris as a supportive tool, as well as a few in-clinic tests such as Blood Pressure check, & hair/skin/tongue/nail analysis during my consultations – which are included in my fees. Other specific tests may be required depending on your health concern such as Salivary or Urine Hormone Testing, Complete Digestive Stool Analysis, Hair Test 600+  or other Functional Pathology Tests. I also write referral letters to your doctor, requesting further blood tests to investigate your individual health concerns.

I have my own Organic Herbal Tea blends available to my patients & the general public….you can simply order here online. My dream to have them stocked in cafes around town has come true – you can now find these at Starwin Shopfront in the city or online,  Botanical Gardens Gift Shop, Pen & Paper in Gateway Shopping Centre, Greenies in Rapid Creek, & Massage for Women clinic….Enjoy  😉

I also have an interest in helping our pets & have completed a Certificate in Animal Nutrition, & Animal Energy Healing….which my fur babies love. I work alongside Jodie from “Vet2Pet” blending herbs for your fur babies.


Are you feeling run down, stressed out, can’t get out of bed in the morning? Are you trying to conceive this year? Do you feel like you constantly have the flu or a headache?

Then maybe you should call me NOW to make an appointment to start on your path towards Everlasting Health ®.

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