Naturopathic Services

I provide an individual Holistic Naturopathic Service which includes:

Nutritional advice We can eat our way to better health by choosing the right foods for our bodies. I suggest foods rich in particular vitamins & minerals, & various eating plans which are suited to individual needs such as Gluten-free, Paleo etc.





Herbal & nutritional supplements TGA approved ‘Practitioner-Only Products’ are offered as either liquid or tablet herbal formulations.I also blend my own certified organic herbal teas for my clients & retail patrons. I always suggest food options first, though nutritional supplements may be required to support the body to heal.




Lifestyle Information – I offer information sheets for a variety conditions providing you choices on food & nutrients, & simple lifestyle modifications to assist with these conditions. I also suggest “Naturopathic Yoga” to support your body, mind & soul for many health concerns.



Flower Essences – This is my passion, these are an energy-based form of healing which can be used to heal emotional issues, as well as physical problems. I use the Australian “Living Essences”. Seeing the changes in children & adults with various conditions is wonderful, & seeing the amazement in patients is even better. They don’t interfere with any medications & can be taken when pregnant or breastfeeding – so anyone can take them. Why not give it a go –  you will be amazed!


Iridology & ‘in-clinic’ tests – I use iridology as a tool to identify & confirm any information taken in your comprehensive individualised health consultation. I may also check your blood pressure, urine sample for pH, glucose etc & nail/skin/tongue signs.




Reflexology – Foot Reflexology involves gently stimulating accupressure points to release congestion & tension throughout your whole body. Let your stress simply slip away……Enjoy Reflexology regularly to keep your body on track towards Everlasting Health ®.