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Now….as most of you know – I don’t have children of my own but I do have a passion to have our next generation loving healthy foods as much as I do – with “treats” in moderation. I have put together some great ideas from some experts in the field with years of experience with children & food….adding my two cents worth too.

I hope your children can benefit…& love trying something new!

  • Try ‘buffet style’ – put out a range of foods at dinner time & let them help themselves, ensuring there is at least one thing they will eat if hungry (most like rice/pasta/yoghurt). So maybe try a main protein such as chicken/fish pieces with a sweet potato wedges, brown ‘not so fried’ rice  & deconstructed salad (including something different like mushrooms or cherry tomatoes), along with hommus. The child can choose the veggies they know they like, & maybe try something different & dip them in the hommus. Other obvious ‘buffet style’ meals are making homemade pizzas, burgers, enchiladas, or tacos….again, randomly include new ingredients to offer different choices for them to experience.
  • Lead by Example – if you go out for lunch or dinner…..try something new yourself. Don’t always order the Atlantic salmon with greens….try something totally new & exciting. Encourage your children to do the same…or to at least taste what you have ordered.
  • Start Your Own Veggie Patch – even if you don’t have a large area….you can grow them in pots – try sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beans, capsicums, strawberries, & an array of herbs. Have the children to plant seeds or seedlings, water & tend to the garden. It will give them responsibility within the household & they will learn to love eat food they have grown. Let them help you in the kitchen washing & peeling veggies, or putting together a salad.
  • Alternate the Temperature & Texture – a lot of children don’t like the texture of foods….so if you always offer them cooked carrots or beans & they don’t eat them, try it raw. I know this was a ‘big’ one for me! Maybe they won’t eat poached eggs….but they don’t mind the cold & hard boiled.
  • Make it Look Pretty – as humans…we eat with our eyes. If they don’t like the orange sweet potato…try the purple one. Add herbs & nasturtiums for fun. Also try to ensure there is a ‘rainbow’ of colours on offer. I know that I much prefer eating a healthy meal which is beautifully presented than one that has no diversity or looks dull.
  • Set the Scene for Family Time – when the dinner table is set & everyone comes together, there’s harmony & unity around the meal. Have the children be part of setting & clearing the table. Sharing new food experiences alongside the daily happenings provides a ‘safe/stable’ place to express & experience. No phones, TV or iPads allowed – just family.

And remember…it can take 10-15 times for a child to recognise a particular food as ‘normal’ in their diet. So just because they don’t like it one month doesn’t mean they won’t like it again….try it again in a few months time when their taste buds may have changed .   😉


Devised by including some info from Carrol Baker’s “War of Wills” Wellbeing article & Eve Reed’s info from ….plus my ideas! x



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