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Fussy Eaters at Your House???

 I often hear how difficult it can be for parents to have their children eat veggies….now you know I’m no expert here, but I think I still may have a few tips you may want to try?!

  • Cut the veggies into shapes….sweet potato/potato circles can be ‘pancakes’. Pumpkin into triangles or squares….you get the picture.
  • Some kids like to machines…..trains, diggers, dump trucks. You can easily include this into their food easily to encourage them to eat. Kiwi fruit cut in half….they can ‘dig out’ the fruit from skin with a teaspoon. Cut a capsicum in half….cut the other half of capsicum or carrot into ‘sticks/diggers’ & stand up inside other half…..scoop out avocado & mash up with some lemon juice to make a mild guacamole – scoop it up with a capsicum ‘digger stick’. Great for a party or weekend snack.
  • Grate or mash up any veggie & mix into fritters, quiches, meatballs, omelette, frittata,  mini cakes, savoury muffins etc. Make them ‘fun foods’ which are tasty, child size & nutritious.
  • Yes…use the broccoli & cauliflower, & also alfalfa sprouts as eat your ‘little trees’ line.
  • Get the kids into the veggie patch to get them into the kitchen. If they see how they grow & nurture the own ‘babies’ they will love to see how they taste. You can grow them in a large pot or two….you don’t need a garden bed.

One thing I know… don’t just try something once or twice. Some days you don’t necessarily like or want broccoli, so what makes you think your kids will?! But the more they try different foods regularly, it will broaden their tastes.

And remember…..sometimes they’re just ‘flexing their muscles’ & showing it’s their choice to say ‘NO’ today….   🙂

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