Flower Essences

Time to Regenerate???

I love how Flower Essences can support us when we really need them. Every week I see people walk through my door with an emotional heaviness within…I then use a simple yet effective method to connect them with their inner feelings & let them find their own path to healing. Seeing their faces when they find their connected flower essences is so satisfying…& watching the shifts during the healing always gives me a buzz.

Meet “Giving Hands”….Scaevola striata – the Spirit of Regeneration.

Giving Hands

I personally have chosen this flower essence recently. To help support me with a feeling of heaviness & hopelessness in a circumstance. Giving me the support to regenerate joy & inspiration within. Light & Love is continually renewed. Whatever has happened in the past can be healed, & we don’t have to carry the darkness with us for the rest of the journey.

“My sinking heart has now risen.

Sunning itself in the day &

resting peacefully at night.

I feel so young,

a tender bud uncurling.”

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