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What’s YOUR Ritual??

Rituals are something I try encourage all my clients to include into their lifestyle to enhance their healing. Yes, there are some I encourage for particular health problems….but by making time for any ritual it will bring you back into balance in all areas of your life. Being mindful of the benefits enhances the experience.

herbal tea pot

Here’s my top ideas for rituals:

  • Eat wholefood…mindfully
  • Candlelit Epsom salt baths with essential oils
  • Drink plenty of water…daily
  • Indulge in your true passion
  • Make a ‘real’ pot of herbal tea…& sip slowly
  • Get outside & reconnect with nature
  • Regular exercise…good for the mind & body
  • Turn on your favourite tunes…& dance
  • Stop & breathe…meditation helps with this
  • Switch off the TV & electronics…& reconnect with others.

Some of these rituals can be part of your ‘everyday’, or they maybe they’re indulged in weekly…..either way think about what rituals YOU love to indulge in to bring calm & balance back into YOUR life…

then DO them!  😉

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