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Colours….to Heal

What’s your favourite colour????

 Mine seems to change….maybe depending how I feel. Sometimes lime green, fuchsia pink or purple, or even earthy colours like deep orange…ochre. Bright colours lift my moods & bring happiness & fun. Ochre has a grounding feeling for me, home – from my feet to my heart. To heal my soul.

Photo by Jason H on Unsplash

Colour surrounds & makes our world. It provides depth, interest, light & makes everything more attractive. Think of the beautiful birds full of vibrant colours….it’s mostly the male birds trying their best to attract ‘us’ females into getting our groove on with them.  😉 Funny how women love receiving flowers or gifts from their beau – in the bird world the boys just ruffle their gorgeous feathers at the chicks & it’s on! LOL

Colour can also be used to camouflage too – think fish in the coral or rocks….hiding out from predators – either using bright or dull colours to ‘disappear’ from their enemies. Funnily humans can tend to unconsciously do that too. If we’re in the ‘don’t bother me’ kind of mood, or the ‘I’m just too busy to really care’ frame of mind, we can lean towards darker or monochrome colours to just blend into the background.

On the other hand….if we’re feeling down our spirits can be lifted with colour. We are brought to the spotlight….& we’re happy to be there…we need the positive lift it gives us. Colour brings joy to ourselves….but also those around us. We engage when people compliment us about the beautiful dress we’re wearing or the lovely earrings or handbag which contrasts our outfit. It makes us smile….& those around us too.

Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

Not too long ago my cousin & I asked our grandpa….what was his favourite colour??? “All Colours” he said….he loved a Life Full of Colour. Funnily enough, when we asked our Nan the same question – “All Colours” was her response too. Perfect match.

Enough said. Love you Gpa…always xxxx

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