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Let the Qi flow….

Time to make your house more of a home.

Do you have that “space” at home where you feel relaxed, at one & just love to chill????

What’s nice, calm & restoring for one person – may not be quite right for someone else. Find how natural energy flows through your home – the qi. Good qi is felt when feng shui brings calm & peace to a space. If you reflect on how you decorate & place furniture in your home, we usually settle for where it “feels right” to place things.

Now find what brings peace & calm to you – find a spot in nature that brings you joy. It could be the beach, desert, a billabong, or somewhere out in the bush. Now try & take some of those elements & place them in your home. Try to capture the sounds, smells & textures of nature & bring them into your space. Now you’re armed with nature – clear out the clutter! Pack up, throw out  or pass on by recycling all those things that aren’t part of your “new” home.

With your “new” home complete – do a walk through from the front door through to the back yard, feeling the flow of energy….does it feel right? You might have to move a chair or a picture to get that feeling just right. Once everything feels good – now’s the time to find your Zen spot. A place where you’d like to curl up with a good book or take a nap. It could be a space in the garden, the corner of a room or your bedroom – create your own sanctuary.

Remember to enjoy your sanctuary….regularly!

What’s your Zen….
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