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Lets Talk About Sex Baby….

Ever since 1990 when Salt ‘n’ Pepa brought this song out, it seems it’s been a little easier to talk about sex – whether with our friends, siblings or partners.

Who went to the “I Love the 90’s” concert???!!

Check out the video below…..

Lets Talk About Sex Video (‘old school’)

Whilst I see many fertility couples…where sometimes intimacy can become just about ‘timing to make a baby’…it’s also a healthy part of your relationship.

It seems from recent research in the ‘Journal of Personality & Social Psychology’ there are generally two types of couples when it comes to intimacy satisfaction.

There are those who believe in ‘sexual destiny’ where once they find their soulmate, sexual satisfaction will just happen. Then there are those that believe in ‘sexual growth’ & work on their mutual satisfaction.

Both heterosexual & same-sex couples were interviewed, & it seems there’s a common 2-3 year ‘honeymoon’ phase where both ‘destiny’ & ‘growth’ believers have high sexual satisfaction.

However, as the relationship begins to ebb & flow, it seems the ‘growth’ couples have happier times. They are less stagnant in their relationship & talk about what they really like with each other.

So it seems…just like any type of relationship…we really just need to be honest with what we’re feeling to get the most out of it.   😉

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