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Quinoa…what to do with it?!!

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah)….is from the ancient grain of Amaranth family & is the edible seed which has a neutral taste….so easy to use in an all manner of ways. It comes as white, red or tri-coloured quinoa.

It is wheat free (gluten free) alternative to couscous & pasta, & a nice change to rice. It’s packed full of complete protein – so has all 9 amino acids – making it a great source for vegans & also those wanting to lose some extra kilos. Also high in fibre, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, B vitamins, phosphorous, vitamin E & antioxidants.

Quinoa Porridge

Cook as packet instructions (normally 1 part quinoa to 2 parts water), then add 1/2C milk of choice in the last 5mins of cooking (try almond, coconut or soy). Serve with fresh berries, banana or stewed fruit…sprinkled with LSA/chopped nuts, cinnamon & drizzle of local honey. YUM!!

Add to Salads

To bulk out & add extra protein to your salad of choice simply cook quinoa as per instructions, then cool. Stir in your favourite herbs & seasonings then gently stir through salads – a great alternative in Tabbouleh or into a Greek or Roast Veggie┬á salad.

Vegan Tacos

This looks like a great idea for a ‘meat-free’ dinner that the whole family will love. Kids can build with their favourite toppings…topped with some guacamole & salsa. With some nutritional yeast for added flavour & B vitamins…it’s a winner in many ways!

Quinoa Taco Meat



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