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So….you’ve heard of Adrenaline….but have you heard of Cortisol??!

As women….we tend to take on many roles in the household….even if there’s just you, a flat mate & your dog?! We’re often the cleaner, the grocery shopper, the chef, the laundress – you know….the Domestic Goddess!!

Aha….well….I’ve heard that come out of my hubby’s mouth a little bit of late – & I do like the sound of it?! Now I’m working from home I have the ability to put on a load of washing & hang it out before clients arrive…..I can put on the slow cooker at lunch time or duck out to the shops between clients. Yep….the multi-tasker for sure!!

But this is where it can begin to fall down. When we start to constantly juggle all the balls at once – we start to worry about getting all those tasks completed….everyday, & still get to the gym to get that body you want. Some of us actually just seem to be addicted to adrenaline, though claim we also want ‘peace within’ – but don’t want to slow down. And the reality is….we really can’t keep that up forever.

Whilst we are juggling, our body starts to try & keep up with our mind & intentions. Your adrenaline starts to flow a little too regularly & can actually throw your cortisol levels out….& can increase when we’re supposed to be sleeping??! So now not only are we feeling a little anxious about achieving all we set our mind too, but little cracks begin to show….& on the inside – we begin to feel drained. You can gain abdominal weight…your libido goes out the window….& you can even begin to feel a little blue since your serotonin levels dip too.

Physically, Emotionally & Mentally Drained.

I personally have been down this road many years ago…..& it isn’t pretty. Adrenal Fatigue throws out many of your hormones levels…..including your reproductive hormones. You thought PMS was bad….throw in gut problems….insomnia whilst your body is exhausted….a body full of aches & pains….& susceptible to the cold or flu.  And as a bonus….your ‘anti-ageing’ hormone (DHEA) level is like an 80yr old – but you’re only 30?!

So….what we need is BALANCE.

 And…..dare I say it – SHARE the LOAD!!!! Yes…..someone else CAN do it. And if you don’t have anyone else to share the load….do a little everyday….work with a list & tick it off as you go.

If you think your hormones are a little out of whack….give me a call to make an appointment – I KNOW how YOU FEEL.

Ask me about Salivary Hormone Testing TODAY!!

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