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Where’s YOUR Inner Quiet???

The beauty of Flower Essences is they work on the vibrational level between mind & matter…rising up to produce Qi (Energy). They can help us to shift our thought pattern & how we respond to a situation….they simply energise the “mind stuff” to activate a new & healing thought form.

“As we think….so we become.”

I have a number of children currently taking Flower Essences to support them in various circumstances….commonly related to various behaviours at school. I love to see the joy their family express when it seems like no-one understands…but the flowers seem to be able to explain – & then support the positive shift beautifully.

Of late….I’ve been finding my “Inner Quiet”….Rose Cone Flower.

At peace amongst the bustle

slow amidst the rush,

thoughts rise & fall

on my inner lake

within always a hush.

If you’d like a individualised Flower Essence experience….book online or call me to discuss how this may support you.  🙂

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