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Are you running on “empty”???

Lately, it seems like I have a lot of people coming in feeling very fatigued….some have headaches or insomnia….some work long hours or ‘work’ doesn’t stop when they get home. Most, in some way or another are the type of person who keeps going & going until illness finally catches up with them. Then they drag themselves into my clinic….

I too have been in this same position – & I often relay this to my clients. Many years ago, when I was working full-time & finishing off my full-time studies, & doing student clinic hours, & exercising twice a day 3-4 days week – aahhh…crazy!!!??? This crazy ‘life’ had been going on for years. I became that fatigued I couldn’t even walk up half dozen stairs at work. I ached all over….& all these other symptoms I didn’t realise were related, started to arise. Numbness/tingling for no known reason, headaches, constantly getting a cold/flu, my menstrual cycle was all over the place, & insomnia – my mind was constantly active…..ticking off lists I had or hadn’t completed yet.

So…..I went off to see a reputable naturopath! It’s hard to make an honest judgement on your own health….& I needed someone else to tell me what to do for a change. I had some salivary hormone testing & blood test completed to see what was happening on the ‘inside’. My naturopath said to me – “your hormones are showing me you’re like a 70 year old woman…you NEED to slow down!!??”. It’s amazing what long term stress does to your body. Not only are your adrenal hormones affected, but also your sex hormones, immune system, gut health & nervous system in general. We really are a ‘complete integrated system’.

Adrenal - HPA

So….back to the basics for me. I needed a lot of nutritional & herbal support to rebuild what I had nearly ‘stripped bare’ with my continuous drive to achieve over the last 4 or 5 years. I also hadn’t been in a good place in my past relationship during this time either. Time out just for me was essential….yoga, massage, flower essences, healthy eating supported this program. Within a few months I was feeling better….not 100%, but better – it takes time to rebuild what I had inflicted on my body & mind.┬áThe road to recovery is always different for each person, but I do know I must take check of where I’m at….& support myself, so I don’t go down this road again.

So to all my new clients out there experiencing similar issues….you CAN get through this….you WILL feel better. But remember – I can offer you every herb or nutrient under the sun….but YOU MUST take control & make the lifestyle changes to recover from this situation.

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