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Bone Boosting Foods!!

The health of our bones is really important at any age….but as women go through menopause it’s even more important to prevent osteoporosis.

Here’s some easy foods to include in your shopping trolley on a regular basis.

  • Eggs – packed with vitamin D which aids absorption of calcium & also a great protein.
  • Prawns – rich source of phosphorous….85% is found in our bones.
  • Onions – prevent calcium from leaching from bones…plus high in silicon to help build new bones.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – jam packed with magnesium, working with calcium to build new bones.
  • Tomatoes – the lycopene within not only helps them become red…but slows down the break down of bones.
  • Plums & Prunes – plums are naturally high in inulin to enhance absorption of calcium to keep bones strong. Prunes help to restore bone mass due to their high calcium content.

Don’t forget….exercise aids bone density too join up for Activate TODAY!!  😉

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