DIY Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner

Try this out next weekend…rejuvenate your hair with simple ingredients that you probably already have at home.

2Tblsp Coconut oil

1Tblsp Jojoba oil

3 drops essential oil of choice (geranium for dry hair, rosemary for stimulating hair growth)

Make sure coconut oil is at room temperature, stir till smooth consistency. Add the jojoba oil and mix together. Add the essential oil (test on small patch if kids are using it). Stir together so all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Apply from the roots to the ends, then either cover with plastic shower cap or wrap. Leave on for 30-40mins. Rinse out in shower. Use once a week for great results.

You can also use 1 part of the above conditioner to 10 parts water….add to spray bottle and use to de-tangle hair daily.

Your hair will smell like beautiful flowers
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