Everlasting Health

Enhance your Life in 2014…..Now!!

With the New Year around the corner there is a new way to helping yourself be the person you want to be – right here in Darwin. In 2014 I am joining some wonderful ladies to bring you workshops & retreats to benefit your body, mind & soul.

The first workshop is in 11th & 12th January with myself & Carol Holding (metaphysics & energy healer) – A New Year, A New You, A New Way of Living!! This weekend workshop will guide you through how & why we should meditate – raising our awareness & vibration – whilst stilling the mind, aiding stress relief & promoting sleep. Plus, join others to kick off the New Year with a detox – it’s always sooo much easier with others!! Changing your life is as hard or as easy as you want it to be.

Then in late February I will be joining two lovely ladies (Dee Waterson & Rebel Tucker), to bring you “3 Wishes Retreat” – a overnight weekend retreat full of yoga, destress techniques, healthy food & the chance to enhance your life with some new empowering skills to get on with LIVING…all within beautiful surroundings. Empower, Enrich & Energise your Life today!!

 THIS is what you’ve been waiting for & NOW it’s right here in Darwin – with wonderful people able to enhance your Life from all angles.

                                  Contact me NOW for more info: 0411 378 997 or                                         [email protected]

                                              I look forward to helping you in 2014 towards                                                   Everlasting Health….the natural choice for you & your family

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