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Foods to support Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression can affect many people during their lives. It may come on suddenly – maybe after a traumatic or devastating experience, or simply be part of everyday life that they ‘just live with’. Think about it….is it really living???

There are many things we can do to help our mental health – one you can do for yourself today, is to think about what you eat. Call me today for a more individualised naturopathic approach. Here are some simple tips to get you started today – packed with all the nutrients you need.

A Fresh Smoothie & Juice to try:

  • Grind brazil nuts in blender, add soy milk, mint leaves, raw cacao powder, yoghurt & dollop of Manuka honey (high in calcium, magnesium,  selenium, potassium, & iron). YUM!!
  • To let your anxiety slip away, juice with a handful of ice— apples, oranges, lemons & iceberg lettuce (full of vit C & folic acid, iron, vit A, calcium & potassium. Lactones are found in the lettuce, which was used in ancient Assyrians as a mild sedative).

Boosting Foods:

  • Eat a handful a day of almonds, brazil, cashew nuts, sunflower & sesame seeds to get a punch of magnesium to relax the nervous system, also high in zinc & iron.
  •  Grains such as  millet (gluten free), rye, buckwheat & brown rice are also high in vit B’s, calcium, magnesium, potassium,  phosphorous & folic acid. These aid calming the nervous system , digestion & benefits the liver.

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