Everlasting Health,  Flower Essences

Free the Spirit with Unconditional Love……& Purple Nymph Waterlily

As you all should know by now, I love my Flower Essences. They help to balance our emotions & guide us down the chosen healing path….even when we don’t realise the path we need.

We all crave emotional fulfilment – this is only natural. As we journey through life seeking what fulfils the Soul, we bind our personal cravings to the continuous ups & downs of pleasure & pain. If we come from the Soul level, we are to give & act without ties & conditions attached. We won’t ‘mould’ our actions to receive something back. Instead your fulfilment comes from simply being able to give Love, in many forms….Selflessly.

This essence may be good for those who find it hard to differentiate between personal & impartial giving – they give to get ‘something’ back. They may try to change the one they Love to accommodate their own desires & wishes. It’s also good for teachers, nurses & parents who have people around them & need to inspire unconditional Love, which will have no strings attached….making it the best outcome for both those who receive & give.

“Indigenous people have also eaten the freshly peeled stems & seeds from the flower buds, as they are full of water to quench a thirst. They are also considered to be the Morning Star. In eastern Arnhem Land the spirits of the dead follow the light of Barnumbirr, the morning star, on their way to the island of Baralku. The waterlily is the symbol of this star; its stalk is the path of the star across the sky, its flower the bright glow.” from Bush Food by Jennifer Isaacs.

Freeing the heart with selfless service & genuine unconditional Love Рbringing JOY!! 

Cradled in the lap of Love

knowing that everything is

embedded with sweetness,

that the nectar flows through me

to every corner of the Universe.

Unconditional Selfless Love of Purple Nymph Waterlily, Nymphaea violeacea
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