Everlasting Health

Friends, Family & Pets….there for you.

We all need someone to be there for us….whether we realise it or not. This week I’m another year older….I have been lucky enough to have great friends & family be there, & be part of wonderful celebrations that make me feel loved….I feel special, loved & appreciated for who I am. Not only do we need to receive love – but we also need to give love too.¬†Whether we simply lend a hand to help someone move or cook a sick friend a meal – we are giving out love. Remember – a simple smile goes right around the world.

Every time we pat our dog or cat we are sharing love. They appreciate our touch & love….while we appreciate their unconditional love. They sense our happiness & our sadness – comforting us when we need it most. Just like our human friends really!! They really do help lower our blood pressure & heart rate….keeping us calm & making us smile.

We all lead such busy lives these days – we need to sit back & see all the wonderful things we have in our lives right now. We may feel down & out at times….but when we really look around – we have it all. Even in the dark times – there is light at the end of the tunnel. Use music, art, writing,¬†cooking, sewing, gardening, sport or pets – wherever your true love lies to lift your spirits & guide you back onto your path. Open your eyes…& your mind, then your doors will open.

You can create the life you wish for….with a little help from your ‘friends’.

Zoe & Jax…my furry friends.

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