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Health Fund Rebates…& the Battle Continues.

So, Greg Hunt took to the Senate the ‘results of research’ by Australia’s peak medical research body NHMRC (National Health & Medical Research Centre) only a few weeks ago. The government is looking at reforming the private health scheme & to no longer allow rebates on Natural Health Consultations ie Naturopathic, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy etc…& this was to come into effect on 1st April 2019. This went against what many consumers actually want, as many use these therapies as prevention & to support health complaints.

It has now come to light that this sooo called ‘research’ was not up to acceptable scientific standards.

“Here we have an admission under Senate scrutiny that instead of using accepted scientific methods, the NHMRC review team not only invented the methods along the way, they also did this well after the evidence had already been collated and assessed”, said Your Health Your Choice’s Petrina Reichman.

“This removed essential safeguards routinely applied to scientific review processes to ensure they are conducted transparently and ethically”, she said. “This means there was absolutely nothing stopping the review team from manipulating the methodology to get whatever answer they wanted”.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman is currently investigating this ‘research’….& hopefully we can continue to give you these amazing natural therapies which YOU want…alongside receiving a rebate from YOUR private health fund…to support YOUR health.


As a Complementary Medicine Association Member & Board Member….I can let you know that we as an Association, have been actively educating the government on what regulated natural therapies can offer, to improve the health of our nation.

Prevention is better than the cure….

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