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Jumping on the band wagon……

Yes….it’s true – Krill oil is good for you!

But we’ve been saying that for years – funny how these thing eventually find their way to mainstream news eventually. This is a good thing of course – the more people know the better our health will be!

Krill has been shown to reduce:

  • cholesterol
  • inflammation
  • arthritis
  • cardiovascular disease

Krill oil is high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, & full of the natural anti-oxidants astaxanthin, vitamins E & A. These help to protect our cells from oxidation, whilst also stabilising the oil itself. It’s been shown that you may need 1/3 the amount of good quality Krill oil compared to Fish oil.

The Krill oil I use comes from the clean Antarctic water, where they are the main food source of baleen whales. They have a short life span of 1-2yrs, & are naturally low in heavy metals & pesticides. Of course – if you are allergic to seafood & shellfish it’s best to avoid.

             So….maybe Krill could be you beginning to……                                                                            Everlasting Health – the natural choice for you & your family.

Euphasia superba
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