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Magnesium…great for your Muscles!

You’ve heard me suggest Epsom Salt Baths before…..not only to ease sore muscles, but to chill out in during your weekly “chill ritual”. Magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin & is used by the nervous system to aid relaxation. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils…..BLISS!

Now there are amazing new magnesium creams to soothe aching muscles. Just lather on after the game! My hubby is an avid squash player…..& also a sceptic of most of my ‘hocus pocus’ potions as he calls them. But he has used the latest version of Magnesium creams I have in clinic after pulling muscles & is raving to everybody about it!!!

So if you’d like to try this ‘magic magnesium’ cream…..let me know. I’m happy to sell it as a retail product without an appointment.

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