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Movember time…is nearly over again?!

So….have you seen lots of men with moes around at the moment????? My hubby has grown the dreaded caterpillar again….at least it’s not “chopper” style this year??!!  I love the idea….it gets men talking….& hopefully talking about prostate cancer…along with also   promoting  the discussion of depression.

Men don’t discuss health issues like women do….so just getting men to start talking to each other (or women/family/friends) about anything really is a good thing.  Sharing work, health, family issues etc is really important so we don’t keep it inside but share how we are feeling.  So don’t forget to talk to the man in your life….maybe a little more in-depth than you might every-other-day.

So why not help the cause by donating & going to:


Everlasting Health…..the natural choice for you

&  your family.

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