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Pink Breakfast 2013

Last week I attended the Pink Breakfast at Skycity, raising awareness for breast cancer. It was lovely to see a sea of pink by the Arafura Sea! 

For me it’s a reminder for me to remind you….to check your breasts regularly!!!

You really should intimately know your breasts….any time of the month. If you only check your breasts one time of the month, then you only know what they feel like then – knowing when there are changes & ‘normal’ lumps & bumps, will make you more comfortable in detecting something a little different. Of course – if you ever notice anything not quite ‘normal’ get it checked out! This goes for changes in skin colour, appearance or any unusual pain or nipple discharge also.

Check your breasts in the shower, lying down or getting dressed. Look at their shape, size, & feel the entire breast from the collar bone, to armpit & below the breast. Feel lightly & also deeper, with the flat part of your fingers.

Prevention is the best cure.



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