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Pomegranates….tasty jewels!

I LOVE Pomegranates!!

Pic by Nordwood Themes – Unsplash

I caught up with fellow Naturopath & Nutritionist Faith Best in Qld this weekend & we shared a lovely tapas awry which included a fattoush salad bursting with these jewels….delish!!

We know they’re high in vitamin C, potassium & fibre…but did you know they’re also packed with potent polyphenols which help to reshape the gut microbiota in overweight individuals, & decrease metabolic endotoxins in the blood which lead to inflammation?!

So…basically – if you include these beauties into your life they will act as a prebiotic to enhance your gut flora, act as a antimicobial & decrease pro-inflammatory microorganisms….all whilst boosting your immune system…& tasting magic!!

Add them to salad…or even into your ice-cube tray this Wet Season for a tasty surprise in your favourite beverage!

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