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Struggling to keep exercise in your routine….

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Put your hand up if you love to wear your active wear. Keep your hand up if you don’t do the active part once the active wear is on…

Is there a yoga class you keep putting off? You know, that class you really should be going to, but you just haven’t made it there? You’ve definitely thought about it plenty of times, but it just doesn’t happen.

Life is so busy. If only everyone in the house stopped wearing clothes, then at least you could be on top of something ha!

What if there was a way to get some of your time back so you could have more energy to enjoy all the things you do each day.

What if you could approach each day more calmly and with a sense of lightness.

Naturopathic Yoga™ brings yoga to you, in a beginner friendly style, AND it meets your time constraints, being able to enjoy your yoga sequences at home.

No, unfortunately it won’t do the yoga FOR you, but there are flows to complete that are as short as 10 minutes. That’s quicker than even driving to the yoga studio?!

Naturopathic Yoga™ has been created by a fellow Naturopath friend Amy Mingin, who saw the need for specific patients in her clinic to have do-able, educational and empowering movement to help complement their health prescription.

Naturopathic Yoga™ is for you if:

  • You need some specific movement but simply can’t fit in the time to get to the gym, personal trainer or a yoga studio.
  • You’re wanting to feel stronger and lighter
  • You’re wanting to increase your flexibility
  • You want to create healthier habits
  • You want to feel calm and at ease with your busy life
  • You want some time out to do something for yourself without having to get in the car or use fancy equipment.

The difference between Naturopathic Yoga and other styles of yoga is the knowledge you’ll gain as you move through each series. You’ve heard me speak about being more aware of your body and how cells can change for the better when we clean up your diet, or give herbs to regulate the function of certain organs/cells. Well this style of yoga helps you tap into the organs you’re regulating. The specific way you can breathe to help release major joints and muscles of the body, and the part I like best, it helps you play a huge role in your self-healing journey.

And if you’re trying to have a baby….there’s even a special series dedicated to supporting you.

I’m really lucky to be able to give you a special “founding members” rate if you’d like to check out Naturopathic Yoga™ for yourself.

Simply shoot me an email below to sign up today for just $45 you get 24/7 access for 3mths. 




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