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Sweet Valentine…..

So it’s that time again….everyone runs around for that “one day” of the year where they feel they can say “I Love You” to their lover – whether it be with flowers,               chocolates, words, dinner etc.

 But we know we should be showing our love & appreciation every single day.

Life is way too short to be waiting for February 14th!!!

         Make every day special…by being conscious of how we say,                                                     & also how we show “you’re special to me”.

Try these little treats…even tonight!!

Rinse some fresh strawberries in water, then dip into some natural yoghurt which has had some ground cinnamon stirred through. You can also dip some in melted, good quality        dark chocolate!  Place on a plate, then directly into the freezer.

Enjoy sharing these with someone special….any day!!!!

My Sweet Valentine!!
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