Everlasting Health

Thank You…. :)

A few months ago I embarked on a journey of reflection of my business….thanks to an anonymous nomination into the Telstra Women’s Business Awards. The journey involved reflecting on what I was passionate about in my business; the high & lows; my dreams & aspirations, & how I wanted to achieve those dreams.

 I submitted my application with a renewed vigour about where I what to go next….with an ocean of possibilities in front of me, but creating Everlasting Health for all at the centre of my focus. On the morning I was to fly to Bali with my girlfriends, I received a call saying I’d been short-listed to select the finalists for the NT & was invited to attend the next stage. I was amazed….wow – another thing to celebrate in Bali!! I underwent an intense interview a couple of weeks later, with all aspects of my business reviewed & discussed. This whole time I’ve just been amazed that I was firstly nominated….& then to be short-listed was a buzz. Unfortunately I haven’t reached the next stage this time round – but maybe in a couple of years I’ll have another go??!! Congrats to those women who are running as finalists in the NT….good luck for the National Telstra Business Women of the Year.

I am still very pleased with my achievements….it was an amazing chance to reflect, work on where I want to go next….& how I’m going to achieve my goals. I think every single of of us need to take the same opportunity every now & then, & see if we are achieving our goals & dreams…..& work out how we are going to get there.

Grab your DREAMS with both hands!!!

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