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The Paleo Way…..

You may have heard of the “Paleo Diet”….or more to the point….way of eating.            Diet has “die” in it….so it can’t be good for you??!!

No one eating plan is good for every body – so we all need to adapt & go with what feels good for your digestion & metabolism. Paleo eating isn’t about restricting….it’s about including so many good healthy foods that we forget about the ‘bad’ foods. Here’s some information about the Paleo eating plan & why it may benefit you & your family:

  • Go organic where possible & be free of unnecessary chemicals & pesticides. Yes it does cost more & may not always be available – but work with your budget & try maybe even try to grow your own veggies!
  • Buy grass fed meats & sustainable, local seafood – the less stress on your animal protein the better.
  • Limit protein to 50-100g per person….& fill the rest of your plate with vegetables.
  • Drink lots of water…..up here – even in the “dry season”, we need to be drinking at least 2 litres of water each day….& more when we’re exercising.
  • Chat to the local growers….ask about where the produce is from, how it’s grown & how is the best way to cook it – the will have some great ideas!
  • Eat seasonally….there will be plenty of it & it will be cheaper!
  • Go for good quality not quantity. Forget calorie counting & go for portion control.
  • Eat saturated fats like coconut oil & clarified butter (if dairy tolerant). Use olive, avocado & macadamia oils for salad dressing or over food – when heated they oxidise & speed up the ageing process – & none of us need that!
  • Eat unlimited non-starchy vegetables like green veggies, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans & capsicum. Eat moderate amounts of sweet potato as these are great for fibre & are slowly releasing carbohydrate.
  • Treat yourself with fruit & nuts….keeping levels low to moderate. Berries, apples & pears have lower sugar levels than mangoes & other tropical fruits.
  • Try adding a little of the latest “old school” craze…..fermented foods. Think of them as nature’s probiotics…full of lactic acid bacteria. Eat a small amount (such as sauerkraut) with your meals to help balance your gut flora.
  • Try to cut out all grains & legumes…or if you do choose to eat them soak or sprout them to release the enzymes & aid digestion.
  • Use lots of herbs & spices to make meals taste great & reap the health benefits too.
  • Find harmony in everything you do….balance between work & your relationships will de-stress your life & allow you to enjoy you food even more. Share your meals with others in a relaxed atmosphere – get back to the dinner table & really talk about your day/life/dreams.
  • Be strong & throw away ALL the foods in your fridge, freezer or cupboards which don’t suit your health goals. Out of sight, out of mind!
  • Talk to friends & family about your choices in healthy eating….they can help you along the way & may even join you. 

Remember….think about the food you eat…your food is the fuel for everything you want to achieve in life!!!


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