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Tired???? Maybe I have some answers for you?!!

This time of year can be tough for many, especially kids since it’s the end of a big school year, & maybe they’re becoming a little ratty & ‘over it’?! 

Let’s be honest here….that happens to us too!!

When anyone is constantly ‘busy’ from one task to the next….without adequate ‘down-time’ (or nap-time?!), this will lead to fatigue….& eventually illness if you’re not careful. I see this time & time again in my clients….& I have succumbed to it myself this year, BIG TIME.

Our brain is the first to respond to stress by asking our adrenal glands to release cortisol, which allows us to cope with the ‘overload or busyness’. When this becomes long term….then the brain asks the adrenal glands to slow down the release of cortisol so the body can cope long term. Now the lack of energy or ‘spark’ dies within, & we’re tired all the time for apparently ‘no reason’…..

So, besides cutting back on our fast paced life….how else can we get back that ‘spark’ & bounce back into life to feel fabulous again???!!

  • Exercise – get those feel good endorphins pumping around the body to improve your health & wellbeing. This can be a simple walk with intent (ie not just a stroll), yoga or a gym workout.
  • Good Wholefood & Water – sometimes we feel a little flat because we’re purely dehydrated. Remember to include lots of fresh fruit & veggies in your meals to provide you all the B vitamins, vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron, Essential Fatty Acids, proteins etc to rebuild energy & keep illness at bay….& this will bring a sparkle to your skin & eyes!
  • Meditation & Mindfulness – now, lots of people say they find it difficult to meditate…I hear ya, that was me! Start by trying to being mindful at breakfast time…or over a cup of tea. Don’t think of the ‘list of jobs’ that have to be done….just be in the here & now – be present.
  • Immerse in Nature – just being present in nature will calm the mind & body whilst improving your mood. The plants energy is transferred to your being….sit quietly in nature & you will feel it. Trust me….you will.
  • Be Social – not only is it fun & builds on your relationships, but it can build your resilience to stress too. This time of year can sometimes be a little overwhelming with lots of invites  to events….just be mindfully choosy, so you don’t feel like you’re out every night or weekend.
  • Herbs – herbs like Withania & Siberian Ginseng may aid to rebuild energy whilst supporting your immune system & adrenal glands. Ask me for an appointment today so I can formulate you a personalised herbal formula.  🙂

Did you know that I can offer you Naturopathic Yoga & Meditation???

This is a fantastic way to de-stress your mind & body whilst exercising. Each short flow (10-20min) is specific to health concerns like digestion issues; energy problems; stress; hormone balancing & pregnancy.

You can do it anywhere, anytime….& it’s only $15/mth.

Ask me how you sign up NOW!!!



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