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To work as a collective…with Flower Essences


So…..if you work where there is some disharmony within the group….this may be the Flower Essence for you. This allows integration within the group, using coordination & wisdom to flow freely. To accept the reality of the group dynamics & retain idealism. ¬†Everyone has their own individual talents & problems.¬†Sometimes you can feel hopeless trying to find the harmonious family life – this will show you how to work within this group from a higher perspective. Getting the integration of these talents to work together in harmony can be a challenge. Achieve as a collective.

Physical symptoms such as a racing heart or a feeling of panic within, can be eased – especially if you are involved in the above situation in your work or home life.

Every person

is a imperfect bud,

in a perfect garland,

that delights the world

as a gift of beauty.

Ursinia (Ursinia anthemoides)
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