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Water….the fuel of life!

How much do you drink?????

For most of us – not enough!!!

Without water for a few days….we would die. Our bodies are two thirds water….your blood, cells, muscles, brain – even your bones need water. Our joints….even our eyeballs are lubricated by a water-based substance?! Our digestive system requires water to help breakdown, & move foods & nutrients through our bodies. The water soluble nutrients are carried via the blood through the body, & distributed to all the cells & organs in the body to keep us ‘going’.

Toxins are flushed from the body with water via the kidneys (with urination), the skin (with perspiration) & even the bowels (by keeping us regular & avoiding constipation). Water also helps to regulate our core body temperature by making up 92% of blood plasma, which helps regulate body temperature with osmotic balance.

Dehydration can easily lead to fatigue, ‘fuzzy’ thinking & lack of concentration, headaches, urinary tract infections, & even lead you to overeating by disrupting your appetite mechanism making you think you’re hungry – instead of grabbing a drink!!

By the time you’re thirsty – you’re already dehydrated.

So the best thing to do is to keep up your fluids (provided you don’t have kidney or liver disease) – especially up here in the Territory. Try to drink 1-2 glasses of water with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice first thing in the morning – it will top you up after your sleep & kick start the digestion process. Continue to have a few glasses before lunch, & again between lunch & dinner. Have another after dinner – but not too close to bedtime! It takes a little getting used to & you may find yourself running to the toilet a little more often – at least you know your kidneys are working well & you’re hydrated! Your body will adjust in a couple of weeks & you will feel a lot better.

So by increasing your water intake you will notice:

  • your energy will pick up
  • your skin will clear up
  • your digestive system will improve
  • your concentration will be sharper
  • your body will cool down quicker
  • & hey….you may lose a few kilos!!!
                     Just remember….we need more water up here –                                           especially during “the Wet”….& even more when we’re exercising!!!

Drink UP!!!

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