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Weight Loss Food Swap Ideas!!

Swapping “bad” foods with healthier choices allows us to still experience the taste, flavours & textures without the extra kilos. We all know this is good for us – sometimes we just need a little reminder of some options. Just remember to also watch your portion size too….. 
Breakfast swap ideas:
  • Vegemite & toast for avocado & tomato on wholegrain/wholemeal toast
  • Swap fried eggs for poached or boiled eggs with baby spinach/rocket
  • Toast & spread for a super shake with either low fat or almond milk, fruit, LSA (linseed, sunflower, almond meal)

Lunch swap ideas:

  • Hamburger for chicken/lamb & salad wrap
  • Creamy Caesar salad for garden salad with balsamic dressing
  • White bread for wholegrain/wholemeal sandwiches with low fat mayonnaise, wholegrain mustard or avocado instead of butter, & lots of salad

Dinner swap ideas:

  • Red meat for fish, chicken or legumes
  • Large piece meat for palm sized piece with extra vegetables/salad
  • Make your own healthy ‘fast food’ – pizza with little bit of meat, low fat cheese & lots of vegetables; stir-fry with brown rice; minestrone or vegetable/lentil soup; grilled fish & salad

Snack swap ideas:

  • Biscuits for Bliss Balls (ask me for the recipe)
  • Iced coffee for low fat fruit smoothie
  • Bowl of ice-cream for low fat frozen yoghurt & berries/fruit

Everyone can benefit from these food swaps….

why not try to swap something today!!

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