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Well the “Build-Up” is here…..

We’ve had a few awesome lightning storms…..a bit of rain…but it hasn’t started to pour down continuously for days yet.

With the build up here, we all can do with a little cooling off. We try to retreat indoors to the air con — well, with our latest  expected price hikes….for how much longer I don’t know??  Putting the fans on to keep the airflow moving, will keep it cooler for all. Open up your house in the late afternoon to let the breeze flow through—shifting the Qi as it goes.

Don’t forget to up your water intake. Add some lemon or lime, or even mint for a change….& they all aid digestion too. We often seem to have a drink only when we are thirsty….by then we’re already on the road to dehydration. Keep hydrated to keep a cool head!

Don’t forget about your pets…..they get hot too & find it harder to cool down—they mostly rely on panting to keep cool. Make sure they have plenty of water available at all times….Did you know you can even get aerating water fountains for you pets too????

Shelter is also important for them…..shade from the sun….& shelter from the storms. And remember to make sure your gates are shut properly so they don’t escape during those storms when they get frightened.  See the next blog for a great idea for those sensitive pets!

So head to the pools this wet season—whether it’s your own, a friends, the local free water parks which are pretty much everywhere now….or better still…back to nature—the safe rock pools with friends or family….& maybe even your pets…….

to CHILL out!!!!!!

Our beautiful pup Zoe


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