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What are your Fur Babies Having for Dinner???

Just like us…..our four legged friends need good nutrition to keep their bodies healthy. ┬áTheir bodies will be healthier & happier for longer on REAL wholefoods.

Just think about a tin of dog food…..mushed up ‘meat’ & maybe a few random veggies… in day out it doesn’t really do much for their teeth or their digestive tract. Have you looked at their poop lately???

There has been lots of research into foods for your pets optimum health….just like us, all are individuals. ┬áMost holistic vets love homemade meals for pets….just ensure there’s a mix of foods to provide a good range of minerals. There are plenty of resources out their to guide you as to what suits your pets.

A great resource for natural pet foods.
A great resource for natural pet foods.

Our dogs do get ‘takeaway’ as I call it, occasionally…’s in my cyclone kit, but I choose a grain-free & organic variety, with no additives or fillers added. Mine are fed mostly chicken necks/beef offcuts, a little offal, brown rice & lentils with mixed veggies or pulp from my juicer. Sometimes I get some roo meat for them….& they love it. Throw in some medium sized bones a couple times a week to clean their teeth…..not the large weight bearing bones from cows, as these can actually be quiet tough on their tooth enamel.

I add a couple of teaspoons of turmeric powder & black pepper, & pour fish oil over their dinner…..& they love it every night! Just like us…..I add herbal tonics for worming them…..or for any ailments they might have. It honestly doesn’t take much effort to feed our fur babies a healthier diet….I know I want them to live a long & healthy life….so I want to do the best I can for them too.

Zoe & furry friends.
Zoe & Jax…my furry friends.

Everlasting Health….the natural choice for you & your family….including your pets!

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