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8 Basic Lifestyle Changes to a New You!!

So….you do they hard yards for a couple of months – counting calories, over-committing at the gym, starving yourself on lettuce leaves….then “life” gets in the way & you feel defeated??! The key is consistency & also something that is easy to do…so it becomes a way of everyday life.

Try these simple tips:

  • Drink 2-4 litres water daily (depending on exercise & weather).
  • Eat “real whole foods” – avoid processed foods, & ensure you have lean protein sources with each meal.
  • Have 5 serves veggies & 2 serves fruit a day.
  • Don’t eliminate whole macronutrients such as carbohydrates – they aren’t the devil??! When you’re training harder, increase the carbs…..if you don’t train, have less & ensure they are wholegrain, low GI.
  • Increase your fibre to 25-30g per day – aids elimination of waste, provides source of food for gut probiotics.
  • Avoid drinking excess calories – cut soft drinks, coffee/tea with sugar, & limit alcohol. Enjoy a glass of wine if you’re out – just don’t drink the whole bottle!!
  • Commit to an exercise routine you enjoy….if team sports are more your thing then get out there & mix it up on the court with some friends….though if you prefer to do the one-on-one sessions, find a great personal trainer to push you to your limits.
  • Be realistic with your training session…..don’t say you’re going to do 5 sessions a week & feel like a failure if you don’t get there. Do 1 extra session than you normally do & build up from there.

Make it part of your lifestyle…then your health will truly benefit!

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