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A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Body!

You would’ve heard of probiotics in the media a lot these days, – now that orthodox medicine has finally discovered the benefits of these bacteria. The term “probiotic” means “for life” from the Greek & Latin languages. Did you know we have more “good” bacteria living inside us, than we do cells in our entire body!

The overgrowth of “bad” bacteria can cause many symptoms such as:

  • poor digestive function
  • symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome- constipation, diarrhoea, bloating &/or flatulence
  • increase in allergies,¬† intolerance’s or eczema
  • immune dysfunction

The addition of “good” bacteria to the gut, creates a barrier effect to aid the flourishing of “good” bacteria – whilst reducing the number of “bad” bacteria. The barrier can breakdown due to stress, illness, antibiotics, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption or physical alterations to the gut. Dysbiosis can result – affecting your digestion & immune system¬† function.

Now there are a lot of over-the-counter probiotics – but do you know what is good for your specific problem???? This is why you should get professional advice from me (your friendly naturopath) – the correct strain will give you the real & effective benefits. There are some which are specific for enhancing immune function; general use with antibiotics; gut dysbiosis & inflammatory issues.

Choosing a professionally sourced probiotic will ensure it:

  • has therapeutic benefit to humans, whilst containing strains indigenous to the human body
  • can survive the passage into the digestive tract
  • contains proven therapeutic doses
  • & is produced under the highest quality control standards to ensure its viability, potency, stability & efficacy.

Supporting good gastrointestinal health is essential for your wellness.

Talk to me today about what is appropriate for you!!




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