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A kitchen essential….double trouble – for the baddies!

Here’s something everyone should have in their kitchen/first aid kit – a small jar of Manuka honey with a couple of roughly chopped garlic cloves in it.

The honey itself is antimicrobial & can be applied to cuts or added to lemon or thyme tea to be sipped, to enhance healing. By having the garlic added, & letting it steep the volatile oils till you need it – it only intensifies the potential since it’s also antiviral, antiseptic & anti-spasmodic (good for a cough!).

Garlic alone can also lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels over time. It can also help the digestive system by killing off “bad” bacteria, whilst encouraging the growth of good bacteria.¬†It really is a basic food which should be in everyone’s kitchen.

Something so simple- yet sooo effective!

 Keep a jar handy at your house!!!

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