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Dracula’s Delight….a juice to protect against cancer, boost the immune system & lower BP!

When you’re stressed (physically or mentally) & during times of weather changes, you’re more susceptible to all sorts of ‘bugs’. So try this mix to boost your immune system with garlic being natures own antibiotic; purify the blood; act as a circulatory tonic;¬†protect against cancer due to coumarins in celery,¬†& lower blood pressure & cholesterol. It has antifungal, antibacterial & heart protection properties. Rich in potassium & Vitamin C, & also betacarotene, phosphorous, B3, folic acid, calcium & magnesium.

4 Apples, quartered

2 sticks Celery with leaves

1-2 peeled cloves of Garlic

Throw through the juicer with a handful of ice.

The phenolics in the apples will help avoid “garlic breath”!!
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