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Feeling Run Down….Again???

It’s that time of year again….winter!

Yep….even up here in beautiful Darwin. It’s also school holiday time which often means travel for lots of families….with many of us working hard & then when we get time off…. & BAM it hits us!

Photo by Brittany Colette, via Unsplash

So – a cold or flu (ie influenza) are actually caused by viral infections. Both can start out with a runny nose, scratchy throat, congestion & a cough. What distinguishes them apart is the presence of fevers, fatigue, muscle aches & pains with the flu. Either way….you can still feel miserable. A upper respiratory infection should clear itself up within 3-5days if your immune system is up to fighting off the infection.

This time of year it’s great to consider taking some Vitamin C & possibly zinc to give your immune system an extra bit of support – ie 500-1000mg day Vit C & 15-20mg zinc . If you do become sick…then boosting the vitamin C up to bowel tolerance (where bowel motions becomes a bit looser, then back the dose down a bit – generally 2g 2-3x’s day). Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin….so you need to take it at least a couple times a day to keep your levels up when sick.

Rest is also very important. If you’re sick – stay home & give your amazing immune system the opportunity to do its job!! Don’t go spreading it around the workplace or school environment. Get a good nights sleep…you may need to use some eucalyptus or tea tree essential oils vapourising in your bedroom to aid clearance of congestion.

Eat warm, nourishing foods such as chicken & veggie soup, or bone broth of choice to help heal your body with the boost of nutrients & ease on your digestion during this convalescing time. Up in Darwin – a veggie/fruit juice with some ginger, garlic & turmeric will boost your immune system too. Add these herbs & spices along with some chilli & onion to your broths too.

Don’t forget to keep up the water intake as a runny nose & congestion can dehydrate us quickly. Herbal teas are great for this too…try my “Protect Me” organic herbal tea with thyme, ginger, peppermint & echinacea to boost your body, & is lovely cold if you prefer. I will also have my new “NT Flu Fighter” tisane avaialable in the next couple of weeks…so stay tuned!! Available online here or from Avalon InLa’kesh in Berrimah, Mad About Coffee & Tea in Parap, Saltwater Floatspa in Bees Creek or Starwin Shopfront in the city next to Darwin Entertainment Centre.

If your symptoms persist…or shift to your chest – give me a call on 0411 378 997 to get you back on track quicker with herbs & nutrients.


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