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Finally we have a WET SEASON!!!!

The “Wet” can bring lots of connotations with it….so far it’s been awhile since we’ve had that consistent rain – till this week. Whilst the rest of Oz sweltered in soaring temperatures & fires, we experienced a cool change!! 

Before this change though it seemed like everyone was experiencing a little bit of a ‘melt down’ due to the humidity. I have been seeing clients who haven’t been sleeping well, ‘hot flushes’ on the rise, & temperaments pushing the limits – making it interesting at work & play. Our energy is also obviously drained during ‘The Wet’ too. During this time it’s important to ‘keep your cool’ literally. That may be to chill in the pool, under a shower or inside in the air-con for a change. What I have found helpful to cool down is to keep the house closed up during the heat of day, then come home in the afternoon & open the whole house up to let that cooler evening air to flow through the house. It really works – as I’m sure many of you already know as you probably do this too. Let the positive chi flow.

Keep a jug of cool herbal tea in the fridge for a refreshing change to water – with the added benefits of the herbs. Add a slice of lemon or a sprig of mint & you’ve got your own custom iced tea…..without being loaded with sugar!!! Pick up a few individual herbs from the health food store & brew together. Check out blend ideas here:


Ask me for the best herbal choices for your individual health concerns at your next appointment, as some herbs are contraindicated with some health issues.

I know my hubby is beginning to smile again after we received over a 100mL of rain yesterday…..we might just get a ‘run off’ this year he says. That will keep him happy & out on the rivers fishing in the next few months.

Embrace the cool change & get those jobs done around the house…or dare I say – exercise!!!

The beautiful Yellow Waters, Kakadu….embracing the rain.
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