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HIIT could be ruining your hormones??

Cue loud music and lights.

You drag yourself into that spin class only to feel like death by 10am. There’s a reason why!

High intensity exercise certainly has a time and place, however… have you looked at the reason WHY you’re there? Are you actually enjoying it? Or are you one of many in the room who just want to look fitter or lose weight?

There’s a phenomenon where the body starts to adapt to cardio exercise by starting to store more fat to prepare for the next session. It’s true! Our body’s are very good at adapting to stressful situations.

Have you noticed some people turn up to the gym consistently but don’t notice their belly shape change?

Too much cardio could be the reason why!

Maybe it’s time we changed the way we approached our body image. Maybe it’s time we changed the way we approached our movement choices. Maybe it’s time we allowed our bodies to rest in order for those stress hormones to come down, and we can see the weight changes!

If you’re ready for a change, Naturopathic Yoga™ is here!!

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If you’d like to do more of this – just email me to sign you up for the special price of $15/mth.

That’s unlimited access for $15 per month-cheaper than a yoga class!!

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