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Looking for NEW Lunchbox Ideas??!

Sometimes you need to switch up the routine at home….or the kids finally get over those boring sandwiches. Here’s some new ideas you might want to try with your kids.

Tasty & healthy...even the kids will like them!!
Tasty & healthy…even the kids will like them!!
  • Rice Paper Rolls – the kids can roll these up the night before….add a little dipping sauce…Yum!

  • Veggies Sticks with Beetroot Hummus – kids love colour….what could be more colourful than this….& packed with fibre & nutrients, sooo simple too!

  • Banana Chia Bread – packed full of protein & essential fatty acids….great for growing minds! Switch out the walnuts for sunflower or pumpkin seeds to make it nut free for school. Pour into mini muffin tray for a bite size delight  🙂

  • Mini Corn Cobs – cook up corn cobs the night before, cut in half & add to the lunch box…..a tasty ‘nude’ eating edition!
  • Mini Crustless Quiches – a dairy & gluten free recipe where you can grab anything from your fridge to put into these….

  • Easy Nut Free Muesli Bars – made with ingredients that can be found in any kitchen….add what YOU or the KIDS like!!

  • Tuna/Salmon in Lettuce Cups – choose a tin of tuna or salmon, add some iceberg lettuce leaves & grated carrot to sprinkle on top….yum!
  • ANZAC Biscuits – a tasty treat that even the kids can help make. Don’t forget to remind them of the history of the ANZAC’s while you’re baking!

  • Fruit Pops – make melon balls from honey dew, watermelon, & rock melon feed onto a skewer for a traffic light effect!
  • Zucchini, Carrot & Tomato Frittata – make this for dinner….then the kids can enjoy it in their lunchboxes the next day!

  • Bite Sized Turkey/Chicken Meatballs – cook these up & freeze in small ziplock bags…..ready to defrost overnight & serve with their favourite sauce. Gotta love ‘bite size’ food!

Yummy Bite Sized Turkey Meatballs
Yummy Bite Sized Turkey Meatballs

I’m sure your little…& big munchkins…will find something here to “tickle their taste buds”!!

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