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Rejuvenate with Flower Essences

Reed Triggerplant – the essence
you need to recharge & restore
the body & mind when they
feel worn out.


Throughout the last 18mths or so…you may have been through a number of hardships which
have dragged you down causing bruising, trauma & leading
you feel unable to cope—both physically & emotionally.

You may be experiencing insomnia, dream disturbed sleep,
lack of energy, & even pain &

Resilience is a strong feature we need to survive all the ups & downs Life throws at us.

Standing beneath the fountain
splashed in sunlight bathed till I am new,
refreshed & free.
Every part of me alive.


To bounce back after a continual battle, we need to heal the Inner Self.

By doing this we must also face why this pattern is being repeated, & learn the lesson so we can move on.

Remember—the Flower Essences I use come form
Western Australia where there are
the largest number of wild flowers in the world!

They have been used by Indigenous people for hundreds of years, & I have personally experienced their healing during ceremonial pit healing sessions run by LiFE academy in Perth. Today we have options such as drops, creams or spray to assist us everyday….even safe for pregnant women. They can even be used by our pets!

To experience the magic of Flower Essences, call today to make an appointment &
start your road towards Everlasting Health.

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