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Supporting Emotions During Relationship Tough Times…

We all go through tough emotional times every now & then….these times can really take their toll on your soul. Lately there have been quite a few people I’ve seen seemingly ‘holding it together’ whilst breaking on the inside…or in private. How we face & deal with these emotional obstacles, will depend on our inner strength. Though we can’t always be strong….& being repeatly told we’re doing it the wrong way, or not good enough will wear anyone down. The trick is to realise when this is happening…& then ask for support.

I have been using Living Essence Flower Essences to support people through the tough times for over a dozen years now…& I am completely amazed EVERY single time I do a consult for someone. Our inner being really does know what is good for us. Even the most sceptic people are amazed with the results. Flower Essences can be used by babies, pregnant mums, with any other medications, & even on your pets – for physical & emotional issues.

So next time things seem to be piling up for you….give me a call & ask for Flower Essences. They really will change your life.

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