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Take some “Time Out” every day…….

How good does it feel when you manage to get up early….listen to the birds sing….no traffic noise…..just serenity ¬†& solitude.

We all lead such busy lives these days – often we create this “busyness” ourselves. We try to squeeze sooo much into our days….sometimes it gets too much & we feel like we are drowning. Our lives are surrounded by noise & confusion. This is where we really need to take some “time out” for our own sanity.

Practising¬†meditation, yoga or simply chilling in the tub can create inward peacefulness. Often people tell me they don’t have enough time to meditate….soak in the Epsom salt tub I suggested….or take the dog for a walk.

Try this instead……when you’re driving into to work keep an eye out for a pretty, quiet spot you could stop for a few minutes. There could be a lake around the corner, a park or a piece of natural bush nearby. On your way home from work – pull over there, stop the car, turn off the radio & sit for just a few minutes. Chill & check out the view or close your eyes……& breath!! If you can spare 5 minutes – sit on the grass, be in nature. It will slow you down, bring you back to earth & centre you.

Now when you drive into your driveway….you will feel more relaxed & centred….just from taking a shift in your actions.


Turn off your radio…….


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