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Trying to conceive…..there’s a few things you need to know.

Did you know that more women aged 35-49 yrs old are now seeking help from naturopaths to make sure they are in optimum health whilst they are trying to conceive.??? Yep….you did read that correctly, & I have supported women who have naturally conceived & who were in their forties. 

Preconception care is needed in today’s busy lives since many couples are exposed to toxins from the environment, work place or even homes (ie mould, EMF’s, asbestos, paints etc). They may also eat high calorie but low nutritional foods leading to nutritional deficiencies. Many women of reproductive age shown to have poor nutritional status going into pregnancy, which may increase the risk of certain maternal & neonatal complications (i.e. gestational diabetes, hypertension).

As always, high stress environments due to work, ‘busyness’, family…or illness, will impact our fertility outcome. And don’t forget….it takes two to tango – sperm health is very important. It takes 76 days for sperm to mature, so making sure your partner is also supporting their body by changing lifestyles choices of cigarettes, alcohol, recreational drugs…& managing stress. All of these things affect sperm quality – as well as the use of anabolic steroids, which you can read more here.

All these are factors understood to alter epigenetic mechanisms impacting health outcomes of future generations, & contribute to the rise in neurological, immune, gut, metabolic & cognitive health issues. The rising disease burden between generations is evident, with 1 in 3 Australian adults living with a chronic inflammatory condition, while chronic disease in children has risen from 1.8% to 8% over the last 50 years.

If you would like further support to conceive naturally…& to give the best start in life for your future child…then give me a call or make a booking online HERE.

In the meantime….you might like to get started & download a free ovulation-chart






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