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Welcome to 2017….the year of new beginnings!!

Have you realised that 2017 all adds up to 1…..



Have you looked into how/what you’d like to fulfil your life this year???

This year is full of possibilities for me….& YOU!

Take a look at what you LOVE in life & how you can embrace it more…..then put it into ACTION!

Focus & manifest your dreams into reality…..yes, seriously this is possible – I do it often for many situations from filling a void in bookings to deciding on which path to take in business.

This year Dee & I have on offer a 3 Wishes Retreat 24-26th February at tranquil Riyala in Noonamah. A back to basics retreat which embraces nature, healthy food, meditation, pamper treats & most importantly RNR….downtime for YOU! Come along to our FREE Info Session next Wednesday to find out more.

I will also be joining forces with Louise from Healthy Eating Australia to run more Healthy Eating Workshops…..stay tuned for dates in next couple of months!!  😉

Working with Jodie from Vet-2-Pet has been amazing to see your furbabies come back to health. I’ve been using liquid herbs, nutrients & diet to see those tails wagging happily again. I look forward to broadening our exposure to help as many furbabies as we can. Love my pups!!

My Organic Herbal Teas are now available online… this is new for me – I’m sure there may be a couple of hiccups but please bear with me….you’ll LOVE your organic herbal teas blended with LOVE!!

I also have new version of online bookings for your appointments… you can still find a day & time that suits you best….but it has some added features for me which will make my life a little easier!  😉

I have also been invited to join an amazing team of like minded souls to present to you SPIRITember …September is Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month – & this will be Australia wide event. The aim is to bring spirituality & holistic health into everyday living. Stay tuned for more info soon….a big thank you to Tammy from Tammy’s Tarot & Healing for inviting me to join her in this adventure.

Embrace ALL that YOU want in 2017!!!

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